Windows, Frames, Landscapes: Join AERI 2017 in Toronto

July 10-14

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Visiting Toronto

The University of Toronto is situated within one of the world’s most vibrant and diverse urban centres. The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) features a community for every pursuit – from professional sports to publishing; a bustling theatre scene to a leading fashion design industry; LGBTQ pride to innovative medical research; and much more. Cosmopolitan gems like Chinatown, Little Italy, the Annex and Kensington Market blend in with the natural beauty of Toronto Island, the Scarborough Bluffs and Mississauga’s Greenbelt.

AERI 2017 will take place at the Faculty of Information (iSchool) which is located on the University’s St. George campus in the heart of downtown Toronto and only minutes away from major Canadian heritage institutions including the Art Gallery of Ontario, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Bata Shoe Museum, and the Toronto Public Library, the largest public library system in North America.


AERI 2017 accommodations are available on the University of Toronto campus or Ryerson University campus.


The iSchool is located at 140 St. George Street in downtown Toronto, Ontario and it is accessible by car or public transit.