Engaging the Archive: Promoting Student Learning Through Collaborative Research Partnerships

Patricia Garcia


Archival institutions are playing an increasing role in promoting critical and analytical skills among undergraduate students. The movement toward promoting student learning by using primary sources in the classroom necessitates successful collaborations between archivists and faculty members. This presentation will report early findings from a collaborative research project with the Bentley Historical Library. I will discuss how the design of the multi-phase project facilitated qualitative data collection on topics such as faculty-archivist interaction, course implementation, and student assessment.


Patricia Garcia is a Research Fellow at the University of Michigan School of Information. She is collaborating with the Bentley Historical Library on Practices for Student Success in the Archives,” which is a project aimed at promoting engaged “Engaging the Archives: Researching Best undergraduate learning through the use of primary sources in the classroom. In addition to her work on student learning and archives, she is also developing a low-resource and culturally responsive model for teaching computational thinking in public libraries using paper electronics and identity exploration. Her work is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). She holds a PhD in Information Studies from the iSchool at UCLA.