Survey on Government Social Media and Records Management in China

Wenran Fan


If the government social media have a positive impact on the public? What kind of problems in social media and records management bother government a lot? What will government do to operate social media and manage records in future? The poster give the answer. To understand the accomplishment, problems and trends of government social media and the records management, the team take some Government brunches located in Beijing as object and picture the government social media and records management in china.

Three methods were used in the research process: online questionnaire, WCI evaluation of WeChat and interview study. Online questionnaires were acquired to show users attitude toward management of government social media. Also, ten brunches were selected for WCI evaluation from each level of government agencies to support detail analysis. What’s more, mainly staff members operating social media of government brunches were interviewed for more information.

According to data analysis and interview records, the poster shows some impressive conclusions. For example, government social media do provide a platform for communication between government and the public. In future, more and more government brunches will outsource the management of their social media and the Micro matrix will popularize. Some problems, however, make us quite worried. One of them is how people manage records on social media. Actually, most of them don’t take it as “records”. What they do to store files in hard disk of computer, losing lots of context information, can’t be called archiving. By making recommendations based on conclusions, this research will contribute to the promotion of government social media and records management.



Wenran Fan is student assistant of ITrust. From 2012 to 2016, she studied Archive Science in Sichuan University. Fan Wenran participated in the project “A Study on the Rapid Response of Emergency Decision making in Burden” when she is a sophomore. In view of the outstanding performance, Fan Wenran won national scholarships, Sichuan University scholarship and became the “outstanding graduate of Sichuan University”. From 2016 till now, she is a graduate student from School of Information Resources Management of Renmin University of China, major in management of electronic records. Now, she is a team member to research that strategy of trusted digital supervision about government social media records.