Topoteque digital platform

Vlatka Lemić


A topotheque is a digital platform – a collaborative online archive – giving access to digitized communal historic sources (photos, documents, texts, objects, video and sound material) with the help of interactive IT tools for description, presentation and search. It is made by ICARUS in the framework of EU founded project co:op – “Community as Opportunity – the Creative Users’ and Archives’ Network” as a new opportunity of safeguarding and presenting those private, not always easily accessible historic documents for the public. Combination of the topotheque tool kit and the corresponding community enables treasures hidden in private hands to be unveiled and made accessible for anybody independent of space and time. This way, the topotheque contributes to building regional and historic identities of communities and their population.

The administrational work within a topotheque is very simple and done by topothequers. The entries meet the ISAD/G standard enabling the data to be easily implemented into any archival information system. Visitors and users can also be engaged, they can answer questions online and, as guest-topothequers, upload and index data themselves and collaborate in a topotheque (crowd work). A topotheque joins historic materials virtually through a database equipped with index, date and localization markups. The original material as well as any rights of use, which surpass the presentation within the topotheque, stays within the respective owners.

Workshop will present the idea and concept of a topotheque, as well as practical issues: how one can join, start and work in a topotheque.

Proposed length: 90 minutes

Preferred number of participants: 25

Additional information:

Anticipated outcomes of the workshop are: to disseminate information about this platform, to get feedback from participants regarding use, possibilities and perspectives of such tool, as well as to have comment on database structure and performances.

Prerequisites: none


Vlatka Lemić was born in 1972 in Zagreb and has Ph.D. in the infonnation sciences in the field of achivistics. Since 1998 worked in the Croatian State Archives in Zagreb in the area of reference services, information systems, publishing and presenting archival records, registers, development and documentation services and international cooperation. She was Director of Croatian State Archives from 2013 till 20 I 6 and currently is at position of archival counsellor. From 2003 teaches archival studies at Zagreb University and participates in various educational and professional programs and projects. During professional career she participated and lectured at various professional meetings and conferences in Croatia and abroad and published more than 70 works in Croatian and foreign publications. Actively participates in various international projects and cooperation initiatives and currently is vice president of ICARUS and member of EURBICA Executive Board.